Coastal Sensing & Survey provides coastal and near shore geophysical services.  Leveraging new technologies and known approaches we present unique capabilities. 


Our Vision and Purpose

Using agile operating methods we provide responsive and effective solutions for our customer needs. Rapid mobilization, simplified operations, and ability to adapt on the fly are core to our offerings. Through the specialization in near shore and shallow water operations we are able to provide this unique market segment cost effective solutions with the professionalism expected of full ocean depth operations. 

Rapid mobilization | Quality equipment | Shallow water experience | Simplified Operations



  • Rapid Mobilization
  • Self-Contained Operations
  • Vessel of Opportunity Configured
  • Adaptive & Responsive to Changing Customer Needs
  • 0 - 200 Meter Operation
  • High Current Capable
  • Tight Area & Obstruction Experience
  • Flexible Winch Configurations
  • ROV & Visual Confirmation Operations