Cable & Pipeline Services

Cables and Pipeline locating, imaging, & inspection capabilities.  Including tracking small diameter cables and sewer outfalls.



The above image shows the location of a municipal sewer pipeline exposed above the bottom.  Additionally, its location in relation to docks is shown.  Further mapping was conducted to show mooring block placements and their proximity to the pipeline.


Sewer Pipeline

Exposed small diameter sewer pipeline with visible couplings.  This active line sits in a popular anchorage area.

Power Cable Route

The above mosaic shows a power cable and it anchors.  This is an unmarked cable crossing.  You will note a smaller diameter power cable visible towards the bottom of the image and a data line on the right of the image.  

Underwater Road & Rail LIne

Several miles of underwater roadway and rail lines were imaged to assist with aligning bathymetry to historical images.

cable small.jpg

Cable - Small Diameter

The above image shows two small diameter cables exposed on the lake bottom.  Notice the anchor drag marks just to the left of the cables.

cable small2.jpg

Cable - Small Diameter

Three small diameter cables are visible in the above image.  The three lines were mapped for several miles before we stopped the scan.  While visible on sonar the cables are under the mud for most of their run.  Two are passing over a rock bank in the above image and are partially exposed.