Community Involvement

We are passionate about our waters.  Their health, history and commerce.  We actively participate in community projects and have been fortunate to participate in some truely impactful efforts.

Lake Cushman Search for antlers lodge

Lake Cushman and its history were submerged with the building of a hydroelectric dam.  The famous Antlers Lodge disappeared with the rising waters.  For more than a century urban legend has surrounded the lodge and its location.  For the last two decades a local family has passionately pursued the truth.  In collaboration with the Maritime Documentation Society and DCS Films, the story of this lost piece of history is being told.  Look for the documentary to be released in early 2017.

Lake Washington

Local divers have been exploring Lake Washington for years.  However, it was unclear how many wrecks and objects were in the lake. Coastal performed an initial survey which identified more than 1,000 targets.  We are now performing detailed imaging that is uncovering hundreds of additional wrecks and objects.

Lake Union

Lake Union was and is an important body of water for maritime industry in Washington. Despite its historical significance, a detailed imaging effort had not yet been undertaken.  In support of the Maritime Documentation Society and the Center for Wooden Boats, Coastal mapped the lake.  A total of 80 wrecks and targets were identified.  38 more than were previously know.